Provisional resolution

Commercial Projects modality


The provisional resolution of the procedure in the Commercial Projects modality for the granting of state aid has been published on June 9th, 2021, for the purposes of allegations.


As stipulated in Article 22.4 of the Regulatory bases, “Interested parties whose applications have been accepted shall make a public presentation (or pitch open to the public) of their Projects in front of the examining committee.”

The current world-wide health crisis has made mandatory the digital format of the event in order to preserve the participants health. Ports 4.0 Instructional Body, members of Ports 4.0 Technical Office and the Committee of Experts were present in each candidacy pitch.

Following are the 6 sessions that were held.

Pitch April 13th - Session 1 (Commercial Projects)

Pitch April 20th - Session 2 (Commercial Projects)


Pitch April 27th - Session 3 (Commercial Projects)


Pitch May 5th - Session 4 (Commercial Projects)


Pitch May 11th - Session 5 (Commercial Projects)


Pitch May 18th - Session 6 (Commercial Projects)

Communication of Pre-Commercial successful aplications and next steps

Pre-Commercial Projects modality

Once the process of rectification of applications has been completed in the Projects modality and the resolutions of inadmissability have been duly notified in acordance with that stipulated in the article 22.3 in the Order TMA/702/2020, the Instructional Body has concluded the admission process resulting the following as the applications admitted in the Commercial and Pre-Commercial Projects modality.

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