Pre-Commercial project modality

As stipulated in Article 22.4 of the Regulatory bases, “Interested parties whose applications have been accepted shall make a public presentation (or pitch open to the public) of their Commercial Projects in front of the examining committee.”

You can check the list of admitted Pre-Commercial Projects here.

The pitches were conducted in digital format and recorded for later publication. Ports 4.0 Instructional Body, members of Ports 4.0 Technical Office and the Committee of Experts were present in each candidacy pitch.

Following are the 9 sessions that were held.

Pitch February 7th - Session 1

Pitch February 21st - Session 2

Pitch March 21st - Session 3

Pitch April 18th - Session 4

Pitch May 9th - Session 5

Pitch May 30th - Session 6

Pitch June 13th - Session 7

Pitch July 4th - Session 8

Pitch July 20th - Session 9

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