Ideas applications ACCEPTED and next steps


Communication of successful aplications and next steps

Ideas modality

Once the process of rectification of applications has been completed in the Ideas modality and the resolutions of inadmissability have been duly notified in acordance with that stipulated in the article 22.3 in the Order TMA/702/2020, the Instructional Body has concluded the admission process resulting the following as the applications admitted in the Ideas modality.


The audiovisual presentation in video format must be submitted within ten working days from the day following receipt of this notification via the platform For this purpose, Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays as well as December 24th and December 31st will not be considered working days.

Those candidates who have already registered a profile on the platform during the application period, must fill in the new information fields which are mandatory and upload a video presentation of their proposals as established by the Regulatory Bases at this point in the process.

In the case that the candidate is on the list of ADMITTED APPLICATIONS but has not yet created a profile on the platform, must proceed to create an account. Once registered, the candidate must fill in the required information, including that relating to the video presentation.



The video presentation will be evaluated by the Instructional Body as additional material to the initially submitted proposal, as well as the subsequent Public Pitch. The content of the video must include a detailed explanation of the proposal in its completeness, including all the elements contemplated in article 21.1.b of the Regulatory Bases.

To guarantee maximum discretion and to preserve the authorship of the Idea designed by the candidates, these videos will not be made public under any circumstances and will be for the exclusive use of the evaluating bodies described in the Regulatory Bases. In this way, and aware of the importance of guaranteeing the intellectual property of the proposals at this stage of the process, the Instructional Body guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the sensitive data of your Idea.

Candidates may access a FAQs document which provides technical details. They can also contact the team by email at and we will answer any questions that may arise during the process.

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